This client is no longer supported or maintained. We suggest using our webclient instead.

Read the documentation for this Java client. If you prefer the old Java client, click here.

Install the Java Runtime Environment, or enable Java in your browser to run the client.

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Add Aliases, Macros, Triggers and Variables or set other options for the client.


Nothing to show in this list.

An Alias can be used to send one or more commands to the game.

A Macro can be used to send a single command directly to the game.

A trigger can automatically send a command or series of commands back to the MUD based on the text matched.

Variables can be used to store information and can be referenced in Aliases and Triggers using @VariableName.

"rcx" written by Sepharoth
Version: 0.9 Build: 7.04.2013-java


rcx is built ontop of a largely customized version of the Java Telnet (JTA) framework, written by Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meissner.


Original black and white button images created by Lorc (CC-BY 3.0).


This client looks best in WebKit-based browsers (Chrome/Chromium/Opera/Safari/etc).